Partners of Vemax Pharma

Exclusive contracts

Libytec Pharmaceutical S.A

Libytec Pharmaceutical S.A is a Greek pharmaceutical company with the head office in Athens, founded in 2008 with the unique aim to create the conditions for launching new pharmaceutical products on the market of Greece and the wider region.

Medicinalis GmbH

Medicinalis GmbH is an Austrian-Slovenian company with the head office in Klagenfurt specialized in the development, production and sales of the most moder dietary supplements and medical products for various medical purposes.

Ni Medic Pharm d.o.o.

Ni Medic Pharm d.o.o. was founded in 2013 as a company of the founder of the Health institution of Mina Pharm pharmacy in Niš, Serbia. During 2016 the company expanded its scope of activity to the field of the import and registration of medicines and medical products.