Life Pharma Serbia

Life Pharma Serbia

Rhei Ltd UAE, Rhei Life Slovenia and Life Pharma Serbia form a RHEI Group, focused on international pharmaceutical business. Three different pharma divisions are basic pillars of our business.

First division is dealing with importation of non-registered medicines worldwide, wherever we spot such opportunity.

Second division is responsible for in licensing hospital portfolio medicines, suitable for participation on national tenders in Eastern European region.

Third division focus is on products (Rx, OTC medicines, Dietary Supplements, Medical Devices) that require active promotion on the market and investment in marketing and medical detailing. Not only we are in-licensing such products, but we are also investing in co-development of new products, clinical studies and intellectual property resources related to all phases of product’s life cycle.

Our main resources are directed on cooperation and synergy, on one side, with more than 65 manufacturing companies located on 6 continents, and on other side with local wholesale, distribution, marketing and license holder companies that are responsible for our products locally.

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