Hepalife forte

– an innovative, multicomponent product in which each active component has its own mechanism for the protection, detoxification, and regeneration of the liver

Hepalife forte

A new and improved formulation of a hepatoprotector that detoxifies, regenerates, and protects the liver.

It is used in the treatment of fatty liver, chronic inflammatory liver diseases, toxic liver damage, and as an auxiliary treatment of liver cirrhosis and chronic damage caused by gallstones.

It contains the following active components:

  • Siliphos 80 mg
  • S- adenosyl -L- methionine (SAM-e) 111.1 mg
  • Choline -L- bitartrate 85 mg
  • Vitamin E 12 μg
  • Complex B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12)

Greasy liver or steatosis

The liver plays a key role in our metabolism, food digestion, and ridding our bodies of toxic matter. Its function affects directly our feeling tired, having bad skin, bad digestion, high levels of lipids in the blood or having more serious health problems.

Liver damage usually occurs due to an excessive intake of food, alcohol, and medications or due to certain viral infections (viral hepatitis). High risk groups include diabetics, smokers and people exposed toxins.

Greasy liver or steatosis stands out as a common problem affecting up to 30% of the population. It is a condition of pathological accumulation of fat in the liver that impairs the liver function, while the patient does not feel any symptoms.

The use of hepatoprotector, along with a change of lifestyle, can greatly improve the condition of the liver, help improve its function, and remove the symptoms.

Hepalife forte – products composition:

  1. Siliphos = silybin-phospholipid complex 80 mg:

Siliphos is a silybin (32 mg) and lecithin (48 mg) complex.

Silymarin is an active principle isolated from the milk thistle extract and a well-known hepatoprotector. It is a complex of flavonoid taxifolin and more than 8 flavolignans, the most important and represented of them being silybin (5070%).

Silybin detoxifies, regenerates, and protects the liver:

  • it stimulates enzyme synthesis and activity in the liver
  • it acts as an antioxidant: directly and indirectly via glutathione regeneration, it stops lipid peroxidation
  • its action is anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic
  • it reduces insulin resistance and accumulation of fat in the liver

Silybin was isolated for a better efficiency and more complete effect. The creation of phosphatidylcholine (lecithin) complex has greatly (4.6 times) enhanced the silybin bioavailability.

In comparison with silymarin, the siliphos complex provides significantly higher silybin levels in blood plasma without a significant difference in pharmacokinetic profile between the application of a single and a multiple dose.

2. S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM-e) 111.1mg:
Methionine is a significant antioxidant and hepatoprotective agent:

  • of the donor methyl group playing a crucial part in:
    1. metabolic processes methylation
    2. glutathione synthesis (the most potent toxin liver cleaner)
  • it is naturally synthesized in the liver
  • its reduced concentration is related with chronic liver insufficiency
  • SAM-e contains 70% of the S-type methionine, which is physiologically the easiest to use

3. Choline-L-bitartrate 85 mg:

  • EFSA*: choline contributes to the normal liver function
  • it participates in the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, which is also important for the preservation of cellular wall integrity
  • it plays a vital part in the creation of VLDL, which stimulates the expenditure of fat from the liver. A reduced choline concentration leads to the occurrence of fatty liver

*EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) – European Agency for Food Safety

4. Vitamin E 12 mg:

  • a potent antioxidant: it directly removes reactive free radicals and prevents lipid peroxidation
  • it improves the ALT and AST levels
  • it reduces the accumulation of fat in the liver, fibrosis, and inflammation

A 12 mg dose of vitamin E is suitable for a long-term use, as it has a necessary antioxidant action, while side effects are quite rare. European liver disease treatment guides recommend caution in taking high doses of vitamin E.

5. B-complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12):

  • essential nutrients – the human body cannot synthesize and store them, they are entered exclusively via nutrition
  • they play an important role in metabolizing fat, carbon hydrates, and proteins
  • they regulate the blood sugar level
  • they support the immune and nervous systems
  • they contribute to the normal metabolism of homocysteine

Application possibilities of Hepalife forte:

  • as support in fatty liver treatment
  • in chronic inflammatory liver diseases (hepatitis B and C)
  • as support in toxic liver damage treatment (alcohol, drugs and others harmful agents)
  • in elevated levels of transaminase and GGT
  • in COVID and post-COVID conditions
  • in diabetes
  • as auxiliary treatment of liver cirrhosis
  • in chronic damage caused by gallstones
  • in elevated cholesterol values
  • in organism detoxification


  • one capsule daily, regardless of the meals
  • It is recommended to use it continuously for at least three months


  • Boxes of 15 and 30 capsules


Hepalife forte is not intended for persons under 18, pregnant and lactating women, as well as persons highly allergic to soy or any other product ingredient.

In case of hypersensitivity, discontinue the medication and consult a doctor.

Due to a possible interaction, before using this product people already using antidepressants and others medications should consult a doctor or a pharmacist first.

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