Vemax Pharma

We have carefully chosen the products based on the high-quality selection of active components, clear mechanism of effect and efficiency proven by the most recent researches.

The products are divided into several therapeutic groups:

Rheumatology, neurology, neurosurgery
Internal medicine - endocrinology, cardiology, gastroenterology
Products for general use


The patented four-fold combination of active components for the improvement of nerve function and support in the therapy of neuropathic pain.

CombiNERV represents a new four-fold combination of active components which contains two antioxidants: alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) combined with Acetyl L carnitine and vitamin B12


Innovative, orodispersible, organic form of L-selenomethionine with high capability of absorption

Selenium is an essential micronutrient with various important functions for human health. Selenium is vital for a large range of biochemical processes with the key role in the maintenance of immuno-endocrine, metabolic and cellular homeostasis


A unique combination of calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 in the form of effervescent powder for the health of bones

Synosteo is a unique combination that can be used as monotherapy in osteopenia or osteoporosis or as the combined therapy in the treatment of osteoporosis with other medicines.
The majority of calcium supplements contain calcium carbonate.


Rapidly regenerates the damaged nerves

Neuronal® contains NCFR-6, a unique combination of nucleotides and vitamins which affects the natural process of regeneration of the damaged nerves due to pain conditions connected with the spine column.

Cardiovasc plus®

Maximum effect in the first months after myocardial infarction (IM) – a considerable early effect on overall mortality in the first 3 months upon IM and on sudden heart mortality after 4 months.
When supplemented to statins, it reduces the risk of significant coronary events by 19%.


Sodium hyaluronate for intraarticular administration

Na-hyaluronate 25mg/2.5ml

a sterile solution for injection in a filled syringe

 for intraarticular administration

New Iron®

The compensation of iron without a feeling of nausea

The deficiency of iron is the most present nutritive deficit in about 25% of people in the world.
New Iron® represents a glycin-aminoacid chelatic complex of iron with the addition of vitamin B12, folic acid and vitamin C

Chondryal plus®

Na-hyaluronate 60mg/3ml

Chondroitin sulphate 90mg/3ml 

a sterile solution for injection in a filled syringe 

for intraarticular administration


Balanced combination of 11 active component for regeneration of cartilage and better motion of your joints

Arthronal® is a dietary supplement which contains components that have a positive effect on the formation of collagen and connective tissue, and on the normal function of bones.

Hialurom tendon®

Na-hyaluronate 40mg/2ml

Mannitol 10mg/2ml

sterile solution for injection in a pre-filled syringe for peritendinous or for tendon sheath application

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