Pharma Unimedis

Pharma Unimedis

Pharma Unimedis has been active in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices since 2018.The company was founded by a small team of people with long and successful experience in the field of health, either as entrepreneurs or as health professionals.

A fundamental component of our company is the promotion of pharmaceutical innovation, the provision of pioneering high-quality products and the assurance of access to these products for the people who need them.

Our long presence on the side of patients, and the needs and difficulties they face every day have endowed us with the knowledge driving our choices and determining the value system of our company.

Focused on people, we are consistently and persistently seeking the latest, most innovative and pioneering trends in the broader field of treatments, setting strict quality and effectiveness criteria in order to improve the quality of life of patients every day.

Devoted to Life. Inspired by Excellence.

Pharma Unimedis products


A specially designed formulation for conditions accompanied by:

  • neuroinflammation
  • neurodegeneration
  • neuropathic pain


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