Selitop® – launch symposium

Novi Sad, 12th December 2019

At Hotel President in Novi Sad, in front of more than 70 participants – physicians of different specialties from Novi Sad and all other Vojvodina cities, a professional meeting was held at which the Vemax Pharma company presented the therapeutic possibilities of the product Selitop®.

This product with a selenium dose of 200 mcg (L-selenmethionine) is widely used, especially in treatments of thyroid diseases. Eminent experts – endocrinologists and ophthalmologists from the Clinical Center of Vojvodina delivered lectures on the following topics:

  1. Autoimmune thyroid disease – professor Ljiljana Todorović-Đilas, MD
  2. The palce of L-selenmethionine in clinical thyroidology – assistant professor Ivana Bajkin, MD
  3. Effect of L-selenmethionine on other endocrinopathies – Bojan Vuković, MD
  4. Clinical application of L-selenmethionine in thyroid disease – assistant professor Tijana Ičin, MD
  5. Administration of L-selemethionine in patients with Graves orbitopathy – Sava Barišić, MD

A sovereign, guide-confirmed advantage of L-selenmethionine as an organic form of selenium over non-organic forms of selenium is highlighted. This is true for patients with hypothyroidism, but also for those with hypothyroidism and Graves orbitopathy.